Version Control & Bias Detector on News articles.

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About GitNews

GitNews is a Chrome extension that enhances the transparency of online news. It enables users to view the edit history of news articles, similar to a version control system, ensuring that any changes made post-publication are visible and accountable. Additionally, GitNews utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze articles for bias, giving each a neutrality score. This helps users distinguish fact from potential editorial bias. The extension simplifies the use of blockchain technology, offering a user-friendly interface that requires no prior blockchain knowledge. Users can interact with the service using existing wallets or create a new one, with a focus on maintaining anonymity and privacy. The aim of GitNews is to foster a more transparent and trustworthy news ecosystem.

What's wrong with News? đź™…

đź‘Ž News are often biased by journalist or media.
đź‘Ž News are often censored & edited after publication.
đź‘Ž News are often inaccurate with unchecked data.


Tracking Edits with Blockchain

- Clicking the GitNews extension captures the news article's current state, logs its unique hash onto the blockchain, and cross-references it with existing records to track any alterations.
- Discover the evolution of a news piece with an accessible version history and specific content modifications, akin to a GitHub experience for news.

Detecting Bias with AI

- GitNews employs AI analysis for each article iteration, providing category, summary, and a neutrality score between 0 (biased) to 100 (neutral).
- The higher the neutrality score, the more factual the content, enabling readers to gauge the objectivity of the information presented.

Ensuring integrity with Blockchain

- Immutable records of article URLs and hashes are stored on the blockchain, ensuring permanent, unalterable evidence of journalistic integrity.
- Updates to previously verified articles trigger notifications to all contributors through WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox & iExec’s Web3Mail, maintaining transparency.

Web2 Simplicity with Web3 Security

- Users can either connect with their existing wallet via WalletConnect or connect with Google or social accounts via SAFE AA SDK.
- Anonymity is respected; users are known only by their wallet addresses, ensuring privacy.

Incentivizing Quality Contributions

- Every article check by users is stored as a unique blockchain entry, building a foundation for future incentives.
- Our vision extends beyond the hackathon, envisaging a reward system for contributors who value integrity over incentives.

Tech Used

WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox
WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox

A secure inbox protocol for seamless communication with dApps.

iExec’s Web3Email
iExec’s Web3Email

Decentralized email services powered by blockchain for enhanced privacy.

Polygon’s zkEVM
Polygon’s zkEVM

Scalability and security using zero-knowledge proof technology.

SAFE{Core} Account Abstraction SDK

Flexible and secure account management for dApps with abstracted account layers.


The OpenAI API can be applied to virtually any task that requires understanding or generating natural language and code.

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Making News Trustworthy

GitNews isn't just a tool; it's a movement towards incentivizing journalistic integrity and unaltered reporting. Be a part of reshaping the future where news remains factual, and trust is paramount.